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Cotton, commonly well-known as one of the most important economic crops, with its fiber, as cotton lint, is a principal source for the textile industry world-wide. There are 75 cotton-producing countries located between 32° south and 47° north latitude on the globe, and 33 million ha, or about 5% of the world’s arable land.
CGP (Cotton Genome Project), were initiated and performed by Institute of Cotton Research of CAAS. Accompanied by BGI. CGP are mainly focused at cotton sequencing and functional analysis.


The genome sequence of G. arboreum is available now. This data set is only for academic research use, commercial use was forbidden. If you need to distribute the data set, please contact Institute of Cotton Research of CAAS (cgpcricaas@cricaas.com.cn). To be warned, the genome data could be browsed and downloaded only for register users.